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Badlands Realm

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Brooks Empire

=not active

=homeland: Brooklon , now known as “Shadow Brook

=the remaining empire split into Epska & Virenia

==split by religious branches of the same religion

Virenia: seek and recruit people to their communistic cult island, christian-like, feeds/sacrifices human blood to the evil god.

Epska: very secluded, monk like, no one every leaves, constant meditation to suppress the evil god.



Nesaro Empire

=not active

=Homelands: Sarolan , now known as “Dezlans” & some “Sleeping Pools

=an empire based on necromancey and death magic

=the remaining empire has supposedly died off due to the reanimated dead attacks and uprising

=the land is now uninhabitable and hexed

=Shad: zombie like reanimated dead person

Astoria Empire


=homelands: Astoria

=very small empire of Flame Conjurers

==out breeding has diluted fire resistant blood, making offspring susceptible to being burned alive within Astoria.

==many half breed Flame Conjurers have fled the dangers of life in Astoria and live quietly amongst populations of the Plains region. Several freely live within Sentia



Sunza Empire

=Not Active

=Homelands: Barolan & Shillock

=defeated on many fronts in a collaborative effort by several empires

=coup, radical uprising sect successor known as Barolan Clan



Thala Empire


=Homelands: Deathly Isles

=Thal creatures are like mermaids, merfolk, fish people

==synonymous terms also seaBer, water nin,



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Town Ruins
Castle Ruins
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=Brook empire was the dominating force of the east coast until the Nesaro Empire Army (Dezlan) over came the empire. Forcing its people to flee to the northern mountain realm. Upon settlement , the Brook people had a religious reflection that caused a divide in their spiritual beliefs. One group created Virenia and the other group created Epska.

=Nesaro attacked Brook for access to their gem mines. After a successful attack on Brook the human 3 remaining necromancers reanimated the the dead Brook soldiers. All the reanimated soldiers over took the necromancers causing them to flee. It is unclear and undocumented as to what happened next.


==the necromancers were all killed.

==the necromancers killed themselves to kill the armies

==necromancers fled, the army returning to Dezlan to forever haunt it.

==a necromancer fled into the gem mines and is trapped there

==MAYBE “The Death Witch” short film is one of those witches



=South west , swamp realm


Nesaro Empire

=not active

=Homelands: XXXX , now known as “Dezlans” & some “Sleeping Pools”

=an empire based on necromancey and death magic

=the remaining empire has supposedly died off due to the reanimated dead attacks and uprising

=the land is now uninhabitable and hexed

=Shad: zombie like reanimated dead person





Individual clan Social circumstances globally 

=horrid toxic land, poisonous crops and littered with graves, a hexed land


=common: dark beasts, nomad

=uncommon: Shad, death witch, pirate

=rare: Nesaro, Vagalon

Family feuds

=Nesaro vs everyone

==everyone is upset about the Shad attack

family trees 

=secret: the Nesaro are a radical sect of the Vagalon

Race wars & racism & species hate

=everyone hates a Shad

=everyone hates a death witch

Racial sects 

=death witches, shad, shillock, nomads


=nomads do occasionally find their way through this land even though it is extremely dangerous

National logos and fonts 

=old: death, swamps, crypts, caves, bats, dead trees,

Social hierarchies 



=if you survive a visit here you are lucky

=the dead want to expand their army


Traditions & Rituals:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

X Holidays

X Pilgrimages

X Celebrations & age parties

Funeral Customs


X Orgies & fertilities


=death rituals


Rulers: Greater Community :::::::::::::::::::::::::

X Governance / law enforcement 


X Laws and punishments 

X Village Imports/exports 


Tools: Techniques and Skills. ::::::::::::::::::::::::


=shad: primarily swords, hand

Soldier training

=old world Nesaro

X Work

X School / education

Treat young, women, men, elderly, poor, rich, disabled

=all can join the army of death

What tech exists

Primitive medieval

Philosophies: Values :::::::::::::::::::::::::::


=DezMur Game: summon Chezera

==DezMur : translates to “Whispers of the Dead”

==Chezera is believed to be the gatekeeper to the afterlife and documents all the souls of the dead. Chezera is acknowledged in the Dezlans / Badlands Realm.

=death witchery

Cult prophecies 

=death will reclaim the world

Sacred & respected places 

=Dezlan catacombs


Natural world: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Weather patterns, seasonal climate and natural disasters 

=common: gloomy, dark, foggy, rainy, humid

=high 95*f , lows 40*f

=disasters: mud slides, quick sand, flooding

Creatures & animal species

=birds, horrid beasts, cave creatures,

Styles of transportation & distant communication 

=boat, walk, horse

Relationship with people, animals and plants

=Death to all, as all here want your death


Entertainment: Food & Drink, The Arts :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

X Dining halls / brothels / service businesses

Guilds, clans, social clubs, secret societies, brotherhoods, 


=death witch

=black market

X Drug / alcohol / hallucinogens / intoxicants

X Art, music, theatre


=most plants are poisonous


=most water here is contaminated


History: Knowledge & Stories :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Lore / fables / myths / legends / songs 

Century breakdowns 

-history of legendary battles(old) to myths (older)




Pre history & beginning of recorded history


Health: Food & Drink ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

X Sexual norms / reproduction

Species based Diseases and illnesses

=rabies-like , leprosy

X Marriage & love norms

Shadow Brook

Shadow Brook

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Kingdom Ruins
Castle Interior 
Crypt Interior 
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