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Weston Realm

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Land known for farming crops, wood, travel, and military safety.

Doro Empire


=homeland: Councilon

=Weston land governance



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General purpose of the land

=this is use as a strong hold to train the new generations of Doro empire soldiers

Individual clan Social circumstances globally 

=one of the richest societies in the world


=no clans only the domain of the Doro Empire

Family feuds

=no drama allowed on the island

family trees 

=Doro family empire

Race wars & racism & species hate

=very specie racist island

Racial sects 

=all human skin tones welcome just not various human breeds


=not allowed

National logos and fonts 

=the god, monarch, strength

Social hierarchies 

=king family, various political people, trainers, trainees, common people


=strong authoritarian, boot camp vibes, strong military mind set


Traditions & Rituals:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


=first harvest (late spring / early summer)

=last harvest (late fall / early winter)

=king’s day (mid summer)

=quarterly merchant festivals (winter, spring, summer, fall)

=ice festival (winter) -involving ice realm ruins at Zestrum Castle)


=Ice festival

Celebrations & age parties

=18yo recruit entry

=20yo recruit departure

Funeral Customs


Orgies & fertilities



=secret rituals

=slightly pagan, authoritarian based

Rulers: Greater Community :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Governance / law enforcement 

=Doro empire

Laws and punishments 

=modern capitalistic laws

=punishment publicly for small crimes. dungeons, executions for big crimes

Village Imports/exports 

=exports: military wares and soldiers, boats, horses, fish

=imports: mostly everything else


Sexual norms / reproduction / marriage

=monogamous man & woman of same region norm and pushed

=same sex if fine but not taken seriously, male & male sexuality is not uncommon here since the only brothel is over priced

=out of region sex and out of species sex is looked down upon

Species based Diseases and illnesses

=pandemic not really a modern concern

=maybe in the past a species helped them through a pandemic or they were suspicious of a species



Tools: Techniques and Skills…………………………


=primarily: broad swords, bow and arrows, hand to hand combat


=medieval ages

Soldier training

= 18yo males are drafted from yellow kingdom to Councilon for several year training


=soldier, laborer, blacksmith, farmer, fishers

School / education

=primarily only military school

Treat young, women, men, elderly, poor, rich, disabled

=if they are from the Doro empire, save them

What tech exists


Philosophies: Values……………………..…..


=monotheistic & authoritarian. Meaning the King is appointed by the god

=morals same as christian America

Cult prophecies 

=rulers will save the people

Sacred & respected places 

=Councilon Island castle

Natural world:……………………………

Weather patterns, seasonal climate and natural disasters 

=california similar, occasional rain , mostly sunny

=summer high of 85*f, winter lows of 15*f

=rarely tsunami

Creatures & animal species

=horses, cattle, cattle, birds, fish

Styles of transportation & distant communication 


Relationship with people, animals and plants

=plants are grown for harvesting

=animals are raised and kept to assist humans

=similar species & region are treated best and most welcoming

Terrain description

=island a little smaller than the size of Manhattan

Entertainment: Food & Drink, The Arts……………………….

Dining halls / brothels / service businesses

=cafeteria style mess hall

=1 expensive brothel

Guilds, clans, social clubs, secret societies, brotherhoods, 

=in cell political societies

=military murder squad / exterminators / assassins

=political “g6 summit” global group

Drug / alcohol / hallucinogens / intoxicants

= uncommon alcohol use

= rare cannabis pipe use

= no shrooms use

Art, music, theatre

= no art

= music: basic fable folk tavern jingles, acapella style

= no theater


=typical medieval fare, non cannibalistic,


=ale, water

History: Knowledge & Stories …

Lore / fables / myths / legends / songs 


Century breakdowns 

-history of legendary battles(old) to myths (older)


=English, older style

Pre history & beginning of recorded history

Yellow Kingdom

Yellow Kingdom 

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