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Highland Realm

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Hillsmen Mines

Hillsmen Tribe

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Fairex Empire


=Original Homelands: Fairex Castle

=Current Homelands: Hillmen Tribe Mines



=south west mountain realm



Individual clan Social circumstances globally 

=this town is known for it’s vast wealth of gold and metals


=hillsmen tribe aka Fairex Empire

Family feuds

=the Hillsmen are always annoyed because they get the bad end of trade agreements and they take it.

family trees 

=the Fairex empire leaders have been dismantled and some killed, forcing the castle to retreat into their mines and live a safer life underground.

Race wars & racism & species hate

=the hillsmen are cautious against any outsiders and only allow trusted individuals inside their mines

Racial sects 

=tribesmen only live here, restricted from the rest of the world


=no nomads allowed

National logos and fonts 

=mining, mountains, gold, armor, caves, flame light

Social hierarchies 

=council of 5 leaders, guarders, miners, black smiths


=forever safe in the depths others can’t go


Traditions & Rituals:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


=1st day of summer (early summer) merry celebration

=1st day of winter (early winter) merry celebration


=norwich grotto, once a year, this also helps scout new cave entrances

Celebrations & age parties

=10yo, 20yo, 30 yo, 50 yo, 75yo, 100yo, 120yo

Funeral Customs

=burial crypts

Orgies & fertilities

=fertilities on holidays


=crystal / rock magic


Rulers: Greater Community :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Governance / law enforcement 

=Hillsmen tribe

Laws and punishments 

=minor crime: kicked out, stoned, lay down head out while stones are piled on the body

=major crime: entombed alive, buried alive

Village Imports/exports 

=exports: gold, metals

=imports: everything


Tools: Techniques and Skills. ::::::::::::::::::::::::


=swords, pikes, pick axe

Soldier training

=hillsmen in house


=mining, black smithing, guard, geologists

School / education


Treat young, women, men, elderly, poor, rich, disabled

=young: blacksmith

=women: blacksmith , house wife ,

=men: miners, guards, black smiths

=elderly: merchants,

=poor: no poor

=rich: communistic wealth

=disabled: home bodies

What tech exists

Advanced medieval

Philosophies: Values :::::::::::::::::::::::::::


=Ancestral crystal magic

Cult prophecies 

=legendary stone that will allow the holder control over all things

Sacred & respected places 

=crypts, temples, and kind of the mines themselves , (special) cavern, (special) pools


Natural world: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Weather patterns, seasonal climate and natural disasters 

=no weather in the mines

=constant temperature of 60*f

=rare: flooding

Creatures & animal species

=bats, birds, fish, lizards, horror creatures

Styles of transportation & distant communication 

=mining, by food

Relationship with people, animals and plants

=all are sacred


Entertainment: Food & Drink, The Arts :::::::::::::::::::

Dining halls / brothels / service businesses

=dining halls specific to occupation

Guilds, clans, social clubs, secret societies, brotherhoods, 

=geology guild

=alchemist guild

Drug / alcohol / hallucinogens / intoxicants

=common alcohol

=uncommon drugs

=uncommon shrooms

Art, music, theatre

=art: stone carvings, jewelry

=music: precession based, choir

=theatre: none,


=imports & preserved foods, some fresh set it and for get it veggies, cattle meats and milk


= ale, wine, (anything fermented), potions, water


History: Knowledge & Stories ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Lore / fables / myths / legends / songs 

Century breakdowns 

-history of legendary battles(old) to myths (older)



Pre history & beginning of recorded history


Health: Food & Drink ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sexual norms / reproduction

=mostly male & female

Species based Diseases and illnesses

=vitamin D deficiency



Marriage & love norms

=male & female

Norwich Grotto

Norwich Grotto

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