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Ice Realm

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Common misconception:

The ice realm actually consists of 2 islands but most cartographers think it is one island since they do not spend adequate time in the freezing cold mapping the ice realm. The western island was attempted to be inhabited by Coucilon but fell to logistical ruin. The eastern Ice Realm island is secretly inhabited by a guild that records world history and stores info and books via the great halls of the Sentia library.



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=north central


=One of the only civilizations to utilize bird messaging systems

=a few Astorian half breeds live here as fire masters to keep torches lit and everyone warm



Individual clan Social circumstances globally 

=secret society, known to most of the world


=half breed astorians

=Sentia Society

Family feuds


Race wars & racism & species hate




National logos and fonts 

=blank banners or books, snowflake, knowledge, travel, compass

Social hierarchies 

=council of 7, the scribers, editors / binders , Astorians, importers , cooks, common folk


=we document history because everyone else is bias


Traditions & Rituals:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


=spring rising (early spring) a celebrations of surviving the winter

=ice festival (early winter) jumping in icy water, ice carving, ice castles

X Pilgrimages

X Celebrations & age parties

Funeral Customs

=ice crypt: frozen in a clear ice coffin and displayed

X Orgies & fertilities


=some fire rituals


Rulers: Greater Community :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Governance / law enforcement 


Laws and punishments 

=not really any crime

==minor crime: ice dungeon

==major crime: frozen alive and set a drift

Village Imports/exports 

=imports: everything

=exports: none


Tools: Techniques and Skills. ::::::::::::::::::::::::


=none, if needed : ice picks

Soldier training

=not really any but generally several strong men


=documenting history, inquiring events and logistic for people to be there for events and festivals and battles

School / education

=in house training : logistic, writing, reading, coding, bird training, interviewing, nomad

Treat young, women, men, elderly, poor, rich, disabled

=all people can experience events from unique perspectives

What tech exists

=advanced medieval

Philosophies: Values :::::::::::::::::::::::::::


=athiests because they see all the gods that are being worshipped

X Cult prophecies 

Sacred & respected places 

=ice crypts


Natural world: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Weather patterns, seasonal climate and natural disasters 

=frozen, snowy,

=disaster: frozen sea, blizzard

=high 20*f , low -20*f

==underground temperature is a steady 50*f

Creatures & animal species

=unknown, some penguin like creatures, whale like creatures

Styles of transportation & distant communication 

=walking local

=distance boat , ship

Relationship with people, animals and plants

=all are frozen


Entertainment: Food & Drink, The Arts :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Dining halls / brothels / service businesses

=1 dining hall underground

=no brothels

Guilds, clans, social clubs, secret societies, brotherhoods, 



Drug / alcohol / hallucinogens / intoxicants

=all in storage

Art, music, theatre

=All types documented


=seed vault, lots of preserved foods, aquaponic system under ground, cattle


=potions, water, wine, ale, mead,  some of all drinks


History: Knowledge & Stories :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Lore / fables / myths / legends / songs 

Century breakdowns 

-history of legendary battles(old) to myths (older)



Pre history & beginning of recorded history


Health: Food & Drink ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sexual norms / reproduction

=primarily male female, some homosexual

Species based Diseases and illnesses

=frost bite, freeze to death

Marriage & love norms

=male / female

Zestrum Castle

Zestrum Castle

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